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Traditional Media: Not Quite Dead

Look, I enjoy the internet, mobile apps, social media, blogging, texting, email, etc. as much as the next guy. Actually, in most cases, more than the next guy. I watch TV shows on Hulu, listen to music on Spotify, get much of my news from the web.

But I am tired of hearing people—especially bright people in PR and marketing—say that traditional media are dead. They are not. Certain outlets may not be healthy, but TV, radio and print are still reaching millions of people daily.

I recall a presentation earlier this year in St. Louis about the power of Twitter to engage and motivate people. The presenter made the point that his agency’s campaign was so successful on Twitter that it got his cause coverage on radio and in the newspaper. In other words, one of his milestones for social media success was obtaining some love from traditional media.

When you’re stuck in rush hour traffic, a mobile app may give you the reason why. But if you want trustworthy local traffic info, you will likely dial up a local terrestrial radio station.

Google spent $213 million on TV, newspaper and magazine ads in 2011.

On my Twitter timeline, I see numerous tweets everyday about content in newspapers, on television and on radio. Maybe that’s just an indication of who I follow, but it points out that a decent amount of the content on social media is about traditional media.

Newspapers still reach a significant number of readers. If you had a choice of getting a feature story in your local metropolitan daily paper or on the most popular local blog, which would you choose?

Television still reaches huge numbers of viewers. Would you rather have coverage on a morning TV news show or would you rather post your Youtube video to your Facebook page?

Radio still has tons of listeners. Would you rather your event get a mention from a top morning drive radio show or would you prefer it get listed on Yelp or a similar website?

You may or may not favor traditional media outlets, but don’t discount their reach and their power.

Sidebar note: Always, ALWAYS, remember that the word “media” is plural.

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