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Message Delivered But Sales Weak


What happens when your marketing/content/PR person does his or her job correctly but results are less than stunning? You both step back and try to figure out what happened.

If your message is clearly stated and widely shared via your websites, social channels, email, media coverage and, perhaps, paid advertising, but response is tepid, the problem is probably not the effort expended to get the word out.

When a message about a new product or a special event is delivered but customers don’t buy, the reason may simply be lack of appeal.

(The soon-to-be introduced Apple Watch bears close observation, based on deeply polarized predictions of its relative market success.)

Because we cannot know for sure what will resonate with a target, those who sell products and services take chances. A distributor may have a hot new widget or a business owner may get a brainstorm and a plan is hatched to tell the story and generate calls/hits/visits/etc. designed to lead to sales.

Even the best testing methods can give inaccurate or vague advance feedback, so it is often necessary to actually take an idea (product/service/concept) to market to see if it flies.

Analyzing what has worked and what has not can help inform future decisions. But just because thing A is a success or failure, it doesn’t mean the thing B will necessarily follow the same path.

In an evolving business world, it is imperative to keep introducing new products, services and events. It is also important to keep informing prospective customers about these new things via all available channels. Be bold and innovative, but realize that not everything will be a hit.