Write For Your Reader


Writing is vital. No matter what you are writing, you have to consider who will be reading your work.

If you write, you are not writing for yourself. You are writing for a reader. You are communicating ideas and information to a target reader and you want that target reader to understand what you have written.

You may also be writing to be searchable online. In that circumstance you still want your content to be easy to comprehend for those who find it.

Though you may know who your target reader is, you may want to consider others who might discover what you have written. Is your content too specialized, too full of jargon, too hard to grasp for those just beyond the perimeter of your target?

Make your writing easier to understand by rewriting and editing. Using shorter sentences can help. When the meaning is the same, choose a more familiar word instead of a more obscure one.

You may need to provide context for your content. While lengthy explanations can be tedious, a simple sentence or two to provide enlightenment can be useful.

Whether you are writing a textbook or a text message, think about who will be reading it. It is your responsibility to make it understandable, not the reader’s.

We all consume a ton of content every day. If we encounter writing that is unclear, inaccessible or (gasp!) boring, we are likely to move along to the next email, article, social media post, etc. Write for your reader.

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One thought on “Write For Your Reader

  1. Joe Mueller says:

    The world will always need good writers. And you’re correct in that the art of writing is rewriting. A new decision confronting writers is whether to change process and structure to meet the needs and demands of the digital world, or believe a high-quality piece of writing will always win the day despite not being optimized for SEO or containing a top-10 list.

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