How To Be Likeable


PR pros spend much of their time working to get various publics to like a person, a product, an organization or an idea—and not just a Facebook “like.” But how much effort do you put into making yourself likeable?

If the people you interact with like you, they will be more likely to take your call or open your email. Being likeable might help you keep your job at budget trimming time. Yes, performance and production matter. And likeability alone won’t keep you employed if you’re not doing the work.

How can you make people like you? Here are some ideas.

  1. Contribute to the workplace scene. Does that mean bring in doughnuts once a week? Maybe. Offer a positive attitude and try to really care about your co-workers on a personal basis as well as a professional basis. Be a good listener. I have also heard that people who have candy on their desk for co-workers to share have better job security.
  2. Share credit for success. You’ve seen Oscar winners. Some are thanking a long list because they feel they have to, but most winners know that they are a part of a team. When you complete a major project or make a big sale, you don’t necessarily have to thank your mother and father, but offer appreciation to those who helped. If you did it by yourself, credit the guy who designed the software that helped you accomplish what you did.
  3. Say hello. Don’t snub people. Compliment people.
  4. Give people nicknames. To me, this seems like an affectation—something I would not do—but I know people who do it and, at least partly because of that habit, are well liked. If it feels comfortable for you, and you can give good nicknames, you may want to give it a shot.
  5. Be funny. Okay, how do you become instantly funny? Steal. Repeat something you heard on TV or read online that made you chuckle. But know when to stop and know where the line is between clever and smartass/dirty. If you cross over to the smartass/dirty side, your act will quickly get old.
  6. Can the whining.

Great! I like you better already!


(During Summer 2015 I am revisiting some earlier posts. This one was originally shared in May 2012.)





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