Let’s Hear It For Reruns!

288233358_aca7961390Generally, most of us like things that are fresh and new.

But when you’re flipping through channels do you ever stop on a TV episode or movie you’ve watched several times before? Are you aware that the top-rated radio station in St. Louis is one that plays songs that are 30 to 45 years old and have been played millions of times?

For broadcast advertising, scheduling of spots is based on frequency and reach. (Okay, Super Bowl ads are based simply on reach. And advertiser ego.) That’s why you’ll get sick of the current Coneheads TV spot well before it goes away. But, because of repetition, you’re likely to remember the name of the advertiser.

If you’ve raised kids during the VHS/DVD era, you know how they become fixated on certain movies. (Ask a mom of a young girl how she—the mom—feels about Frozen.)

Last year a client chided me for posting on his company’s Facebook page a particular image on three separate occasions. But I knew the image always got traction: likes, comments and, sometimes, shares.

My point is: certain content bears repeating. So, on this site, from June through August, I will be posting reruns from among the 250 pieces I’ve posted over the last four years. For a few reasons: I’d like for some to be seen by people who missed them the first time around. I feel several posts convey ideas that are worth revisiting, even if you saw them when originally posted. And I need to focus attention elsewhere over the summer.

That fresh and new stuff? That can wait until after Labor Day.

Thank you for reading my posts!

(photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/20462444@N00/288233358, http://photopin.com, 


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