The Promise of Mobile


Our lives have changed significantly since 2007 when Apple introduced the first iPhone. Amazing new apps and functions are being revealed every week.

What’s next? Who will help mobile fulfill its promise? What needs to happen for mobile to reach its potential and beyond?

Among the key factors:

  1. Wi-Fi. Businesses and institutions need to provide dependable, free Wi-Fi everywhere. Not just to check Facebook but to get work done and to make transactions. (The Square app, e.g., is useful but it has to have connectivity.)
  2. Data. Providers must offer data plans that are logically packaged and reasonably priced. Though just a handful of companies control the market, competition must be maintained.
  3. Products. Smartphone manufacturers must deliver quality products and stand behind what they sell. Automatic operating system updates that render a phone non-functional are unacceptable. I’m talking to you, Samsung.
  4. Apps. For developers, the rush to get your app to market is understandable. But an unstable, unreliable, incomplete app, even with corrective updates, is unlikely to succeed in the long run. Better to have an app that is efficient at performing its main task than one loaded with unnecessary bells and whistles.
  5. Mobile mindset. For communicators, no matter if you are designing, composing, writing, etc. on a 27-inch screen, the content you pump out has to be mobile-friendly.
  6. Utility. Mobile must integrate smoothly with traditional business models. When I order fast food via mobile app, will my order be ready when I get there? Or will I have to “pull ahead” while my food is prepared after I arrive?
  7. Human factor. It’s great to be continually connected. But do we need to constantly look at our screens by the minute for fear of missing the latest text, email or social post? We need to practice responsible, courteous usage.
  8. Privacy. Security has to be a top priority. As more businesses, apps and third-party providers gain access to our personal info (including SSNs and credit card numbers), they and we must be vigilant in our battle against hackers. We’ve had numerous bad hacks; let’s all work to prevent more.

The future is bright. I’m pumped and anxious to see what’s ahead!

Happy Easter! Next post April 13.

(photo credit:, Orbis Trujillo FEH 2014 Programme via,     



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