What To Write About


Ideas needed. Every day.

If you are generating original content for a website, a blog, a Facebook page or other platform, you want to deliver something fresh every time.

Where do ideas come from? Newspaper columnists tend to react to current events or to an issue that may have been suggested by a reader, an editor or even a PR person.

Where can you find a seed that might grow into 300, 500 or a thousand words?

Here are some suggestions regarding what you might want to write about. Remember to make your content relevant to your target audience, no matter how narrow or broad it may be. I hope you might find something here that will start you up.

  1. Write about a colossal success and lessons learned from that success.
  2. Tell the story of a major failure and what that failure taught you.
  3. Describe the main difference between you (your company, your product/service, your concept) and others doing similar things.
  4. Praise a person who inspired you to pursue your current path.
  5. Share a valuable bit of info you recently acquired.
  6. If current events impact your work, acknowledge that impact and tell how you plan to respond to it.
  7. Address the biggest misconceptions about you (your company, your product/service, your concept).
  8. Recall meaningful comments you may have recently heard from colleagues or competitors and offer your own take on those remarks.
  9. Discuss the evolution of your product/service and why recent changes are good.
  10. Write about another organization like yours that has done something worthwhile.
  11. Pass along the most significant feedback you’ve ever received from a client/customer.
  12. List the goals that you (your company, your product/service, your concept) wish to achieve this year.
  13. Offer your best tips for staying focused on necessary tasks to achieve your goals.
  14. Note the significance of upcoming calendar events for your company/product. Holidays, seasonal changes, etc.
  15. Deliver your personal opinion about a good or bad business practice you’ve observed and how it has affected your behavior.

Is there a seed there somewhere? Hope so.

(photo credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/adikos/4440061936/, Adikos via http://photopin.com., http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/)


One thought on “What To Write About

  1. Joe Mueller says:

    These are great prompts. Keeping a list of topics and having the discipline to complete an editorial calendar enables a system to keep a steady flow of quality content. Have a great 2015!

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