My Resolutions for 2015


  1. Don’t criticize the work of others. Focus on doing my own work better.
  2. Look more to the future than the past.
  3. Always be thinking.
  4. Think outside the box but don’t ignore things within the box that get results.
  5. Remember that the bottom line is… the bottom line.
  6. Create content that has meaning and value.
  7. Maintain a clear vision of the big picture but pay strict attention to details.
  8. Continue to learn new ways to communicate.
  9. Stay curious but avoid being nosy.
  10. Become better at ignoring distractions.
  11. Maintain contact with former clients, prospects, co-workers and bosses.
  12. Work to remain silent and just listen when necessary.
  13. Get to know select media members better.
  14. Listen to all sides but stay above the fray on polarizing topics.
  15. Help others whenever possible but remember priorities.

Let’s all have a spectacular 2015!


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