Do It Different Day

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A morning radio team I knew a few years ago in Philadelphia had their daily benchmarks that listeners could expect to hear every day at the same time. Such as: Joke of the Day at 7:15, Trivia Game at 7:45, Show Biz News at 8:15, etc.

Occasionally they would have a “Do It Different Day” with their regular bits running at different times. This served 2 purposes. It exposed regular listeners to daily content they may have missed (because it generally aired before they left home or after they got to work). And it relieved monotony for the hosts!

Could you use a “Do It Different Day”? Even if your work has new challenges every day, it’s easy to get into a rut. Even if you have a job that utilizes your creativity, the predictable patterns involved in checking off your daily list can grow stale.

By varying your daily routine, you may be able to stimulate new ideas and develop new ways to solve problems. Do it different. Drink tea instead of coffee. Make calls from somewhere other than your defined workspace. Invite someone from beyond your usual network to lunch. Stand instead of sit.

I attended the Alumni Hall of Fame induction event this weekend for Parkway School District in suburban St. Louis. (One of my clients was among the inductees.) Many of those honored thanked teachers and coaches for allowing them to think outside the box, for allowing them to make mistakes, for encouraging creativity.

When we are young (high school and college age), many of us have a natural desire to deviate from the norm. I know I always appreciated teachers who gave me a bit of latitude.

Our experiences in the workday world typically lead us to establish and maintain day-to-day structure, which is a good thing. But some days it can feel good to do it different. (Differently, to be grammatically correct.)

Wear shoes that are not in your regular rotation. Listen to comedy instead of the news in the morning. (A half hour of Jim Gaffigan on Spotify might revise your outlook.) Unless you’re doing social for clients, stay off Facebook all day. Okay, that last one might be too radical, but you get the idea. Shake it up.

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