Don’t Hit The Reject Button!


Even when it’s content you have specifically chosen to read, watch or listen to, your choice is subject to immediate dismissal.

First sentence of article or blog post you clicked on not compelling? On to the next!

Not in the mood for that slow song in that Spotify playlist you curated? Skip to something upbeat!

Heavily anticipated TV show becomes immediately tedious? Move along—other channels to choose from!

Print article bogging down a few paragraphs in? Turn the page!

Podcast participants droning on about points already made? Bid adieu!

If you’ve paid for content, you may be less likely to bail. If a PPV movie on cable, a book or album you’ve purchased or a live performance you’re attending begin to suck, you may hang in. After all, you’ve invested more that just your time.

But with so much free content (with ads) available, that YouTube video, Gawker article or SoundCloud file must continually engage. Otherwise, you (and I) will click ahead to something else.

To assure that those who read, hear and view your content don’t dump out, edit and rewrite/reshoot/rerecord when necessary. Limit digressions. Go for quality over quantity. Empathize with the content consumer and consider the finite amount of time she or he can devote to your creation.

Thank you for sticking around and not hitting the reject button!

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