Tell Your Story With An Event

Not buzzworthy? Your story too ordinary or downbeat? Stage an event!

Media love events. They like to tell viewers, readers and listeners about events before they happen. They may run video of the event on their news shows or on their websites after the event happens.

Let’s say your non-profit’s program services, though useful, may not be compelling enough for feature coverage. Sadly, this is often the case. But, if your organization stages an event, be it directly related to your mission or not, you provide a reason for an outlet to share info about that event and your organization.

Of course, most such events have a primary goal of fundraising. But if you can also use an event to create awareness of your organization, the long-term payoff can be significant.

What kind of event? A cooking competition, a fashion show, a talent contest, a seed-spitting competition, a cutest baby event, a classic car show—the possibilities are endless.

Should your event offer visual interest (and particularly if it’s a slow news day), your event may get coverage on the evening TV news. If a station’s weatherman/woman is one of the fashion models, your chance of coverage increases significantly.

But, you say, how does this let me share the word about the work we do? Simply getting your organization’s name before the public is valuable. And, when the opportunity presents itself, you mention briefly and succinctly what you do and how valuable your services are to the community. Longer interviews may give you time to share details about your programs.

This idea also applies to profit-making organizations that would like to polish their reputations in the community. Staging an event can be a big undertaking. Planning and teamwork are essential. Good luck!







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