Naming The Band (And Other Enterprises)

“My buddies and me, we formed a band.
We’re gonna be famous, that’s what we’ve planned.
We’re still lookin’ for a drummer
Or someone with a van. Our hair is getting longer,
But the most important thing
Is naming the band.”

—–The Bobs from their song “Naming The Band”
Naming your business, your non-profit, your product, your service or your event can be a tricky proposition.

Is the name you’ve chosen distinctive? Memorable? Catchy? Different? Weird? Plain? Boring? Offensive? Original? Clever? Descriptive? Generic? Confusing?

Did someone else come up with the idea first? Are you likely to have intellectual property issues?

Is the name one that will allow your enterprise to be easily found via Google and other search channels?

Will the name you’ve picked be easy to recall? Is it hard to spell? Is the name like others in your category?

When I started my PR business I considered naming my company Achtung! (With exclamation mark.) But since some people in St. Louis know me from my media career, I chose David Craig PR and Marketing.

(I’ve since learned of a digital marketing company in the Netherlands called Achtung. I’ve also learned about an app called The Band Namer that generates random band names. It’s free on iTunes.)

I recall a bar in Nashville named simply BAR. In St. Louis, we have a restaurant/bar with the unusual name Death In The Afternoon. Both names are distinctive and likely to arouse curiosity and attract attention.

Whatever name you choose for your company, your software program, your cocktail, your community event, your podcast, your fantasy football team or your band, remember that your efforts and your results matter more than your name.






















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