Focus, Focus, Focus!

As we gather today to kickoff the 2nd half of 2014, let’s focus on getting things done. We’ll all have some very productive days and some less than productive days. Energy and enthusiasm will crescendo and wane.

The goal is consistency. On days when you’re a raging fire, dial it back a bit to prevent burnout. On days when you’re a gloomy Gus, move around, bump up your caffeine consumption and take an extra break or two to regroup.

Here are a couple of tips:

  1. Pace yourself. Don’t work 14 hours on Monday and lose your mojo for the rest of the week. (That’s a general suggestion. If you have a big project with a hard deadline, work as long as necessary.)
  2. Don’t let things you can’t control upset you. If every call you make goes to voice mail and doesn’t get returned, try again tomorrow. On send an email.
  3. Speaking of email, you don’t have to stop what you’re doing every time your laptop pings (or barks, whistles or purrs). Checking once an hour should be enough.
  4. And if something important pops into your spinning mind while you’re addressing another task, make a note and come back later. (Start the day with a stack of Post-Its.)
  5. Use your time efficiently. Don’t be rude, but cut short calls that are going nowhere. If you are writing and the muse is silent, work on organizing ideas to wake up the muse. (Or to have someplace to start tomorrow.)
  6. When doing social media work for clients, monitor with purpose and don’t get sucked in by content that has little value for your goals.
  7. On days when you are full of vigor and vim, tackle the hardest chores on your list first. On days when you are in zombie mode, go for the easier jobs, so you can check off a few and feel some sense of accomplishment.
  8. We have 8 weeks until the next 3-day holiday weekend. So bear down, avoid distractions and git ‘er done!





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