So Much Content, So Little Relevance

You could read, listen to and view online content all day today and get zero work done. Some of the content would have great information and some would be highly entertaining.

But how much would be relevant to your personal and professional needs and wants? How much of the content would make you feel that your time wasn’t wasted? How many of the messages delivered would be clearly communicated? How many of those blogs, podcasts or videos would be well edited, with the fluff trimmed away from main point(s)?

When YOU produce content, whether written or spoken, it’s important to determine whether your content has real value. Does it provoke, promote, educate or entertain? Or does it just fill space and time?

Subjectively critiquing one’s own work is not an easy thing to do. I recall many times listening to breaks from my radio shows and thinking I had done a good job until my bosses (or my wife) told me otherwise. A trusted friend, family member or colleague may be able to offer a candid appraisal of your content’s value or importance. Revisiting your output a day or two later may help you assess your work.

You and I are not able to spend the day consuming online content. We have to be selective about what we click on. And we have to be ready to bail quickly on content that has no relevance or value.

Whether or not this reminder to make your content matter has relevance to you, the good news is: it’s nearly over. And you spent only a minute or two of your busy day consuming it!







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