Social Media For Small Business Owners

Small business owners who haven’t made the leap into social media may wonder, “Do I really have to?” No, you don’t have to. You also don’t have to have a phone, an email address, a website, a mailing address, etc.

Obviously, social media* offer greater benefits to certain businesses. A restaurant with colorful food may gain more traction on Facebook than an insurance agency. But even “boring” businesses and individuals have stories to tell and ideas/information to communicate.

First, determine your strategy and your goals. Are you looking to interact with current friends and customers? Are you looking to reach out to new prospects? Do you want to focus more on product, service, personnel or another aspect of your business? Do you want to actively promote or do you want to maintain a certain level of awareness?

Who will handle your social media efforts? You? An employee? A relative? An agency? Make sure the person (or persons) conducting your social media is an even-tempered person with some level of maturity. Make sure those who have the duty to represent your company know your values. You, as the business owner, must pay attention to social media content being shared on your business’s channels.

My most important advice: (1) Don’t expect miracles to occur overnight. As with many paid advertising campaigns, it can take a while to see significant results. (2) Be consistent in tone and frequency. Don’t tout your company’s commitment to quality in one tweet and crude humor in the next. Don’t go 2 weeks without a Facebook post, then transmit 3 in one day.

Take advantage of the new opportunities social media provide. Just do it.

*To me, media is a plural term. If you prefer to treat media as a singular term, that‘s okay.




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