Spring Checkup

With Memorial Day weekend just ahead and summer right behind it, it’s time to take a moment and consider what you as a business owner or employee have accomplished during the first 139 days of 2014.

  1. You made it through winter. The brutal weather led to many cancelled meetings. The snow, ice and cold caused a variety of damages: broken bones, busted water pipes, dead car batteries, etc. But you persevered, got things done and dealt with the troubling situations.
  2. You worked to add new clients/customers. You reached out to prospects that came from recent referrals or from contact in years past.
  3. You reached out to previous clients/customers. You asked if you or your organization could address current needs.
  4. You gained new knowledge and/or skill. Your new insight may have come from a college course, conversations with colleagues, a presentation at a conference or even from a Wikipedia page. Or you learned to use certain software programs or physical tools better, simply by working with them.
  5. You revised your stated goals for the year in response to changing circumstances.
  6. You worked early, late and on weekends when necessary. But you also maintained life balance with a strong focus on friends and family and physical fitness.
  7. You celebrated your victories, bemoaned your losses and did everything you could to maintain a positive attitude.
  8. You contemplated your biggest challenges and chose one or more to take on during 2014.
  9. You focused on delivering real value to clients/customers while also improving personal relationships with the people who pay for your services or products.
  10. You took care of important paperwork and legal requirements (including tax obligations) that can sometimes be pushed aside when you concentrate on your main work.

Whether the first three-eighths of your year have trended good or bad—and whether you can agree with everything on this list—it is important to take a moment to appreciate what you’ve done so far in 2014. Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend! (Next post on June 2nd.)


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