Planning Versus Execution

We have all witnessed failures that occurred because a good plan was not properly executed. The reasons may include funding, timing, distribution, marketing or location issues. Also: when people don’t perform as expected, a good concept can collapse.

How can you help make sure your good plan is well executed?

  1. Double-check your plan for its shortcomings. If only 4 of the 5 necessary factors for success are present, carefully consider whether the missing element can be overcome.
  2. Get feedback before you launch. Trusted associates can help you refine your plan and may have valuable suggestions.
  3. Listen to the doubters. It’s easy to dismiss those who are less optimistic than you. Even if you choose to proceed, their input can warn you of obstacles.
  4. Carefully monitor the plan’s implementation on a daily basis. Correct big problems immediately. Make the tough decisions.
  5. Remain flexible. Not everything will go as planned. Expect the unexpected. Revise the plan as needed.
  6. Trust but verify. If you are delegating responsibilities, keep close tabs on your plan’s progress and the people guiding it.
  7. Work hard. Whether your plan’s execution is going smoothly or not, your time and energy increase your odds of eventual success. Make it happen.




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