Nostalgia is Great, But, Hey, It’s 2014!

I enjoy Throwback Thursday pics. I have an all-80’s internet radio station I love. It’s fun to reminisce about old friends and fun things from days past.

We’ve been marking 50th anniversaries of 60’s events in recent months: the Civil Rights movement, the JFK tragedy, the Beatles in America. And there are more golden anniversary moments on the way.

But while we appreciate the past, let’s take note of what’s going on now. Today. This month. This year.

The people who make movies, music, TV, books and other popular arts are churning out new product every day. Some of it is better than others, but to make sure the pipeline stays full, we need to sample the unseen, the unheard, the unread.

New tech is available for online download every day. The app store on your phone likely has the “next big thing” available now.

New devices are constantly arriving on retail shelves. If you haven’t shopped for new gear lately, take time to check out the latest electronic items and appliances. Even if you’re still happy with your older stuff, it’s good to know what’s new out there.

Keeping up with everything current can be a challenge. It can be disheartening to share something you’ve just discovered with a friend or family member who says, “Yeah, that was big two years ago.” But keep your eyes and ears open.

We baby boomers may be more prone to nostalgia than other groups because we have more personal history. But young folks enjoy reliving memories, too. Sunday night, I heard Ed Sheeran sing “In My Life,” a Beatles song about personal memories that John Lennon recorded when he was just 25.

Enjoy “back in the day” moments, but remember: it’s 2014. President Obama has been in the White House 5 years. The Matrix is 15 years old. Jagged Little Pill by Alanis Morrissette came out 19 years ago. Joan Jett is 55 years old.

Honor the past. Live in the present.





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