Who Will YOU Engage With Today?

Engagement happens when you deliver a message that resonates with and matters to your audiences: your followers, your prospects, your customers, your friends and your family.

A vital element of engagement is listening to your audiences. During my radio career I did this by talking to listeners on the phone and in person. My stations conducted audience research in an effort to determine what listeners liked. Whether the research was done one-to-one over the phone, in a small focus group of a dozen listeners or in an auditorium with hundreds marking down reactions to song excerpts, the information obtained helped my stations better engage with listeners.

As content now seemingly pours out constantly from everywhere (online and via other media), how can content producers deliver messages that engage? That may be THE great question of 2014!

Just as I did during my career as a radio host, you must listen to responses. Hits, likes, follows, retweets and comments can provide an idea whether you are on target.

Most of the time, we don’t and can’t know if particular chunk of content will engage a chosen group until it has been delivered. Whether the content you produce is a blog post touting your client’s newest product/service, the next great American novel or a silly joke over the musical intro of a popular song, you put it out there and wait for responses.

The responses may come quickly. Or they may trickle in. The blog post you uploaded six months ago may engage a prospect tomorrow. If you don’t have an opportunity to engage today, devote dedicated time to listening so you’ll be better able to engage with your audiences when the time comes.





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