Timing is… (wait for it)… Everything

Whether Governor Chris Christie was in on the Ft. Lee traffic jam plot or not, he did the right thing by getting in front of live mikes and cameras quickly, after hard evidence of dirty tricks was revealed. Staying in front of those mikes and cameras for 2 hours was probably not necessary, though some may take that as a sign of his being honest or brave. Timing.

As the story unfolds, the timing of Christie’s awareness of the stunt is being questioned. As with Richard Nixon and the Watergate scandal, a key question is: “What did he know and when did he know it?” Timing.

Target stores appear to have shared word of their recent data breach in a more timely fashion than St. Louis grocery chain Schnucks did last year. Target has full page ads in today’s (1/13/14) St. Louis Post-Dispatch and Wall Street Journal (and other papers) offering apologies. New information about the hack has come to light in the last few days, but the Target story has been in the news since before Christmas. Timing.

Apologies are appropriate, but actions speak louder than apologies. LA Times columnist David Lazarus suggests retailers work harder to maintain customers’ private data. He also suggests that businesses might be motivated to do so if they faced the threat of fines. Lazarus learned that he himself was a hacking victim (again) on the same day he published a column about the problem! Timing.

The St. Louis area was hit with a big snow storm on Sunday, January 5. As the work week progressed, social media posts about lack of snow removal in St. Louis city intensified. The city’s response to those Twitter and Facebook rants demonstrates the immediacy of social media. Venting via talk radio and letters to the editor may still get city hall’s attention, but in 2014 social media work faster. Timing.

In case you missed them, you may want to read St. Louis Post-Dispatch writer Joe Holleman’s thoughts on the city’s decision and Thomas Crone’s reply to Joe. Read them now while they are still fresh. Timing.

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