What Can I Do This Week to Help My Clients?

  1. Look for opportunities and venues to tell their stories.
  2. Refine their messages. Find new hooks.
  3. Make contact in person or by phone to stay aware of new activities. Listen. Take notes. Share relevant information that I may have uncovered.
  4. Monitor each of their channels including websites and social media accounts.
  5. Post content to the social media accounts and blogs for which I am responsible.
  6. Keep up with news/trends in their business categories, as well as in mine, via select industry websites and emails.
  7. Reach out to media outlets and individuals with client information (via alerts/releases, targeted pitches or questions about content needs).
  8. Utilize Google Alerts and other search tools to find online mentions of clients.
  9. Monitor local and national media outlets to keep informed of their respective content and styles.
  10. In the case of food and beverage clients, visit their restaurants, eat their food and drink their beverages.
  11. Network with others in the PR, marketing and social media biz. Ask questions; offer input.
  12. Compose marketing emails, keeping in mind that a large percentage will be viewed on a mobile device.
  13. Share my clients’ stories with friends and associates (who may respond with relevant insight/information).
  14. Be available to answer calls or respond to voicemails, text messages or emails in a timely manner.
  15. Keep my clients’ needs a priority in my personal activities, including my own social media content.

I’m sure there are more items I could add to the list, but this, I hope, is a good start.


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