Mid-Year Checkup: Where Have You Been This Year? Where Are You Going?

You are here.  The mid-point of the year is a good time to take stock of things you’ve done (or haven’t done) since January 1.

  • Have you discovered new information about your clients/customers that will help you serve them better?
  • Have you spent money on products or services that have yielded little return?
  • Have you charged enough for the services you provide?
  • Have you been exposed to new information, ideas and concepts via Facebook and Twitter? Or have you been overly distracted by Facebook and Twitter?
  • Have you spent time at networking events, business expos and luncheons that could have been better spent getting work done?
  • Have you managed your time well enough to allow a few visits to the gym each week?
  • Is your online time each day beneficial to your work results?
  • Have you learned new techniques that can help you streamline certain aspects of your work?
  • Have you put aside any bad habits?
  • Have you worked to focus on your main messages in communications and avoid needless digressions?
  • Have you unsubscribed and unfriended enough to unclog your inbox and newsfeed?
  • Have you reached out to former clients/customers just to say hello and ask how they’re doing?
  • Have you polished your overall writing/editing skills?
  • Have you spoken to your main competitors to find out what they’ve been up to?
  • Have you called that old acquaintance you reconnected with at a holiday party and invited him out for lunch?
  • Have you said thanks to all the people who helped you accomplish important tasks?
  • Have you sifted through that flotsam and jetsam that accumulates in your work area?
  • Have you taken time to consider whether you have real passion for what you’re doing?
  • Have you thought about what you might do between now and next January to generate more revenue?

Ask yourself these questions. Your answers may help you glide more smoothly through the second half of 2013.

Enjoy your holiday week! Next post here on July 8.


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