The Future: Ten Predictions

  1. Connectivity in public places will continue to improve. The value of free Wi-Fi will grow as cell phone providers keep increasing fees for and throttling high data usage.
  2. People will demand Wi-Fi in such places as sports arenas, golf courses, theme parks, churches and funeral homes. Those demands will be driven by the desire to connect via social media.
  3. Communicators will make all web content mobile friendly.
  4. A terrorist hack will disrupt commerce on a large scale. The inability to process charge/debit cards for a significant period of time will create major havoc.
  5. Advertising messages will show up in unexpected places. Microsoft and Apple will embed ads that appear every time you boot up your computer, tablet or phone. Governments will sell naming rights to public buildings and your kids may attend Home Depot High School.  Electronic highway signs will sell Doritos Locos Tacos when there are no backups to report.
  6. Google will buy Facebook.
  7. Even more specialized TV channels will emerge on cable, dish and the net. And the new channels will not just spotlight genres, but individuals.
  8. Providers of medical care will become more focused on patient experience due to increased competition. Better communication with patients (including clarity in billing) will become a priority.
  9. Practice does not always make perfect, but the overall level of written communication will improve simply because we do it more now than in decades past. Social media posts, blog posts, email, text messages.
  10. A greater number of Facebook and Twitter “bystanders” (those who join primarily to monitor the buzz) will jump in and contribute content.



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