TMI, too much information, refers to tidbits that we don’t want to know and are, sometimes, embarrassed to hear. The very young and the very old, not to mention the very drunk, can reveal personal details that generally should not be shared. TMI.

TMI also comes from sober people who should know better. Via social media and elsewhere.

In 2013, writing long ad copy is risky business and most savvy marketers realize this. Offering every single selling point for your product or service in a single ad via any medium today is, in my opinion, a big mistake. TMI. (I speak as a person who has zero tolerance for long-form TV infomercials.)

National Public Radio delivers some brilliant content, but frequently broadcasts lengthy segments that are of marginal interest. If you listen to NPR, even occasionally, you know what I’m talking about. TMI.

During my time as a radio host, I have received numerous interview pitches and press releases that could’ve been summed up in a few bullet points, yet they frequently continue for wordy paragraph after wordy paragraph. TMI.

The computer age allows quick access to stored data that results in trivial notes of interest that may make you say “hmmm,” but are of little real value. TMI.

I’m sometimes guilty of relating a story to a friend or colleague and adding in unnecessary detail and context. Digressions can run far afield before getting back to the original point. TMI.

As I write this, I recall the decade I lived in Pennsylvania. For me, the term TMI brings to mind the accident at the Three Mile Island nuclear plant in 1979. Admittedly, the previous two sentences add little to the point I’m attempting to make in the paragraphs above. TMI.






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