Holding Your Tongue

This week I consumed some local media content that seemed oddly familiar. Then I remembered: a national venue last month shared content whose concept appeared to have been copied exactly by this local media person. It wasn’t plagiarism because the content was different. But the framework of the content was nearly identical.

I alluded to this similarity in a weekend tweet. I wanted to say more but chose to let it ride. Because: (1) most people would not care and (2) this local media outlet provides coverage to my clients.

Yesterday, I watched a video shared by a Facebook friend. The video was beautifully crafted, network quality. But the story it shared, about another media person, was borderline bogus. It was a case of making a mountain out of a very tiny anthill. Initially, I wanted to comment beneath the videomaker’s Facebook post, but, again, I don’t care to needlessly damage any relationships.

This week I attended a presentation by a local PR/marketing person. His story was candid and personal. He told of disagreements with “consultants” brought in by his bosses. The presenter did not name the “consultants,” but most of us in attendance knew exactly who he was talking about. It was, I think, wise of him not to have mentioned this well-known organization by name. He made his point without trash talking.

Last week a lunchtime companion shared his astute observations about media outlets with which he has relationships. Our visit was the perfect venue for him to share his highly critical thoughts. He knows that I appreciate his thoughts on the local media scene and he appreciates mine. We both know that our opinions will not go beyond that table.

The next time you have the urge to criticize a person or organization you may someday want to work with, think twice. Share those thoughts with a chum over coffee or lunch or a beer, if you like. Remember, when given the opportunity to publicly and loudly share negative opinions, sometimes it’s best to hold your tongue.


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