Yesterday, Tomorrow and Today Questions


  • Should I have accepted that years-ago job offer in Sacramento/Tampa/Indianapolis/etc.?
  • Did I leave money on the table when I negotiated that contract with (whomever)?
  • Why didn’t I buy Apple stock?
  • What was I thinking when I bought… a Buick?
  • Why did we not buy that house for (half its current value) back in ’96?


  • When will I finally be able to open my own business?
  • Will I ever be able to make (salary milestone)?
  • Should we splurge on vacation or save for retirement?
  • How can I save more money and where should I put it?
  • Do I need to go back to school to remain employable?


  • What can I do today to produce good results for my clients/customers?
  • Do I need to devote my time totally to work, or also on business development?
  • Can I enjoy my family life while also staying focused on business?
  • What are the most important tasks on my “to do” list for the week?
  • Should I try new ways of achieving goals or stick to the tried-and-true?

Yesterday thoughts can inform today and tomorrow decisions, but beating yourself up over past bad choices is useless. Tomorrow thoughts merit long-term consideration and conversation with your spouse/partner.

Today thoughts are the most pressing. The answers to today questions (such as those listed) can help you answer those tomorrow questions.

Today, focus on today.


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