Random Media Notes

  1. More organizations are directing people via print and TV ads to their Facebook pages, instead of sending them to their websites. Facebook has become a de facto homepage for some.
  2. I feel sorry for the Tuesday newspaper. Not many ads. Not much content.
  3. New Wired magazine is its 20th anniversary issue. Subscriber since ’97. They’ve had their share of misfires, but have delivered some amazing stuff over the years. (I like ads from the 90’s touting 56K modems.)
  4. When I tune in your radio or TV station at 8:15 a.m., don’t lead into info bits with “as we’ve been telling you all morning…” No, you haven’t been telling ME anything all morning, I just now turned you on.
  5. If you’re tired of political postings on Facebook, I have one word for you: unfriend.
  6. If your St. Louis radio station is getting traffic reports from a guy in Chicago or Dallas, tell him that Natural Bridge is a road, not a landmark. (Traffic is slow “from Natural Bridge” not “from the Natural Bridge.”)
  7. With Pandora, Spotify, iTunes, TuneIn radio and Youtube, is there any excuse for not having music when you’re on your computer?
  8. No matter how you feel about Rush Limbaugh, here’s a quote from him that most can agree with: “People will go wherever they have to in order to get the content that they want.”
  9. Our short attention spans are getting even shorter. Whether it’s web, print, broadcast, video or audio… edit!
  10. Why are there so many bad billboards? You’ve seen ‘em: the ones with vague graphics and hard-to-read copy. That’s not a cheap ad venue.
  11. I still haven’t made up my mind about Lana Del Rey.
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