A Good Workweek

Last week I had a good workweek. What makes a good workweek?

  • Accomplishing specific tasks.
  • Holding productive meetings.
  • Refining good ideas.
  • Clarifying fuzzy details.
  • Discovering new insights.
  • Reconnecting with old contacts.
  • Meeting new people with fresh outlooks.
  • Spending more time listening than speaking.
  • Working early and late, but not to the point of exhaustion.
  • Receiving checks from clients.
  • Having phone calls returned.
  • Keeping call length reasonable.
  • Managing personal business efficiently.
  • Enjoying good social interaction with colleagues.
  • Offering worthwhile advice when it is solicited.
  • Checking off most of those “to do” list items.
  • Having skills and talents acknowledged.
  • Correcting misconceptions.
  • Expressing gratitude to those who help.
  • Asking necessary questions.
  • Staying focused, avoiding distractions.
  • Being trusted with confidential information.
  • Keeping that information confidential.
  • Composing emails that get to the point.
  • Admiring the successes of others, without jealousy.
  • Asking for help, without feeling needy.
  • Working as hard on Friday as on Monday.
  • Handling routine tasks with enthusiasm.
  • Handling exciting tasks with self-control.
  • Prioritizing and sticking to the agenda.
  • Maintaining an even disposition.
  • Getting enough sleep every night.

Here’s to another good week!








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