Wait a Minute! Did I Actually Say That???

Over time, our attitudes change. Why? Exposure to fresh ideas. Peer pressure. Fatigue with the “same old same old.” The aging process. In recent years, my attitudes have changed about well-done steaks, the designated hitter and Lady Gaga.

I’ll also admit to changing many of my attitudes about communication-related topics. Here are just a few. Did I really say… ???

I just want a cell phone that makes calls. I don’t care about emails. Yes, I said it. Possibly in response to lunch mates circa 2003 constantly checking their Crackberries. Plus, most of my emails then were not the kind that required immediate responses.

Why would I want to send a text message? It’s impersonal. I’ll call instead. The beauty and efficiency of a text message did not sink in when I first considered texting. Also, my plan then allowed just ten texts a month before a “per text” charge kicked in. Now, I am on the bandwagon. Many of my contacts who might not listen to my voice mail message for days (if ever) often respond to my texts in seconds.

What’s this deal with just one space after a period? I learned in high school typing class that I should always use two. In 2013, there’s no such thing as “typing” class; it’s called “keyboarding” and it’s learned much earlier than high school. Oh, and the change to one space after a period was easy to accomplish.

A good marketing email must have useful content, as well as a sales message. When I whip through an inbox full of emails on my smartphone, I don’t generally have time to read about how to hang a screen door. But if you offer a screen door installed for $150… that gets my attention! Some email service providers still preach that your sales message should not be blatant, but should be presented among your tips and news. I say get to the point.

That iPad is just a toy. My 13-inch MacBook will suffice. Okay, on second thought, the iPad does fill a need—one that I didn’t realize I had. It’s efficient and way more portable than my laptop.

Are there some things about which you need to change your attitudes?






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