Some Hopes for 2013

  1. That my messages are created with the gatekeeper, reader, listener, viewer and customer in mind. That my and my clients’ agendas can be communicated in a way that will resonate with those to whom they are targeted.
  2. That people realize there are multiple ways to tell a story. That those who don’t comprehend or embrace newer ways will not dismiss them outright.
  3. That I stay motivated, energized and curious. That I am told about new things and discover new things on my own.
  4. That employers hire people more for what they can do, as opposed to rejecting candidates for what they can’t do.
  5. That I am long on empathy when appropriate and long on patience when necessary.
  6. That more phone calls are answered by humans instead of automated systems.
  7. That people are patient and not condescending when I ask them to share their knowledge with me. (Are my children reading this?) And that I am patient and understanding when imparting information to others.
  8. That political differences are de-emphasized in this year without major statewide and national elections. Let’s focus instead on what we have in common.
  9. That I continue to meet bright people of all ages who are accomplishing great things on a daily basis. That I continue to be impressed by young people I meet who are smart, personable and hardworking.
  10. That economic circumstances allow more people to be in “sweet spots” concerning incomes, prices and interest rates, which would generate spending.

Happy New Year!


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