13 Resolutions for ’13

  1. Focus. On what’s important. On what makes you money. On what gives you satisfaction.
  2. Manage time better. Keep the length of meetings under control. Stick to agendas. Schedule efficiently.
  3. Prioritize. Tackle the most urgent or difficult tasks first.
  4. Listen. For clues, subtle and otherwise. Not everyone states things plainly and directly.
  5. Plan ahead. Not just for the week or month, but for the entire year.
  6. Pick your battles. Avoid confrontations you’re bound to lose. (Unless you’re a basketball coach working the refs.)
  7. Spread the love. Cover your bets. Don’t do all your marketing or sourcing in one place. Don’t get all your income from one customer/client.
  8. Network wisely. Usual suspects at every event? You may want to look for new events. However, that person you run into all the time may one day give you a killer referral.
  9. Spiff up your LinkedIn profile. More and more, this is the way people in business are finding out who you are. Or who you say you are.
  10. Keep good records. And not just on your phone and your computer. Write things down or print them out.
  11. Strive for consistency. Some days you’ll perform better than others. But those you work for and with should encounter approximately the same level of competency any day of the week.
  12. Stay cool. Things happen. Computers and phones will fail. People will be dishonest. You will spill things on your nice clothes.
  13. Celebrate your victories, big and small. But not to the point where you can’t jump directly into the next challenge tomorrow.

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