Everybody Has a Story

You may think that you do not have a story to tell. You may think that your organization does not have a story. But the truth is… you both do.

“No, we don’t,” you say. “We’re boring. We’re not newsworthy. We sell insurance. We stamp out widgets. We clean septic tanks. We raise money. We drive trucks. We consult. Nobody cares about us, or what we do. We don’t have a story.” Wrong.

You are a person. Your organization is composed of people. People like stories about people. Media like stories about people. Stories come from people and what they do. You do things in your business life and in your personal life. Yes, you do have a story. Actually, you have many stories to tell.

So, your business is dull and what you do is routine. But how did you get to where you are? Have you solved problems for customers/clients? What do you do for the community? Are there other parts of your life that you’re willing to share? Have changes in lifestyles caused changes in the way you do business?

Have you received awards? Have you attained milestones? How has the internet affected your business? Do you have employees with unique life stories? Is your business growing or shrinking? The answers to these questions can launch your stories—stories that media will want to share and people will see, read and hear. Stories get passed along via social media. Some stories are worth telling via paid advertising.

Everybody has stories to tell. Some are fresh and buzzworthy. Others are old and stale. People like all kinds of stories. Dig a little and you’ll likely find numerous stories. After you discover your stories, choose the best ones and tell them.

The rest of us will be reading, watching and listening for them!




One thought on “Everybody Has a Story

  1. Nancy Durate, the presentation guru who did the slides for Al Gore in “Inconvenient Truth.” says, “Personal Stories are the emotional glue that connect your audience to your message.”

    I agree!

    What is YOUR Story?

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