Everything is Subject to Revision

One of my favorite things about the digital age is our ability to revise and fix things—quickly and easily, in most cases.

Whether you work with video, audio, the written word, websites or other creative endeavors, much of what you do is subject to revision. Because you have this ability, take advantage of it. Those of us who remember using typewriters and magnetic tape are grateful for new tech that simplifies our lives and makes it easier to clean up mistakes. Cut, copy, paste & undo are easier to accomplish with a keyboard than with a razor blade and tape.

It’s heartening to know that if I reread this blog post later today or tomorrow or two months from now and determine that a word is spelled incorrectly or my usage is suspect, I can fix it. If I decide that the sixth paragraph should be moved up to be the fourth paragraph, I can do that.

Review your work frequently. Ask other people for their thoughts. Don’t just ask your partisans and close associates. Ask people who will give you candid feedback. Are your “finished” products too long? Too short? In a funky font? Badly edited? Out of date? Irrelevant?

You should also review your resume and your social media profiles frequently. This information changes as you acquire new skills and your best references move to new positions. If you work in a variety of disciplines and perform a wide range of tasks for employers or clients, determine whether you want to list them all or focus on the most important one(s). Those that were most important a year ago may be least important today.

Music and movies have been remixed and recut for decades. Digital technology has made such revisions easier than ever before. A hit song can sell more downloads with remixes that give the song new flavors. The new movie “Flight” shows an alcoholic pilot drinking Budweiser. Our new tech makes it possible for the studio to blur the Bud labels in digital versions (as has been requested by A-B InBev), if they choose to do so.

My message is this: Almost any work you do can be revised or remixed without a huge amount of fuss, thanks to digital technology. Even if your original work is good, you might be able to make it better!







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