Do It Now

It’s good to have plans, to look ahead, to think about… someday.

It’s bad, though, to keep putting things off indefinitely. Most of us will not get around to everything on our personal life “to do” lists. Life’s responsibilities and distractions consume much of our attention. But, there are things you may want to do now, rather than later.

  • Are your resume and portfolio up to date? If someone were to recruit you for a dream job today, how quickly could you assemble all the necessary materials? You want to submit items tailored for each particular opportunity, but you should have the basic package ready to go. Do it now.
  • Have you dreamed about a new career as a business owner? Take the first steps by reaching out to people who own businesses similar to the one you have in mind. Talk to potential customers to see if there’s a market for your business idea. Read a book or follow online guides on putting together a business plan. Do it now.
  • Have you gained weight over the past few years and decided that, after the holidays, you’re going to drop 20 pounds. If you wait until January, you may gain even more weight between now and then. Why not start doing it now?
  • Is there something you’d like to learn? It could be for career, for personal fulfillment or for fun. Maybe you’ve thought about going to night classes at a college or university. You may have even considered obtaining an advanced degree. Find out who offers the courses you want. Do it now.
  • Is there an addiction or obsession you need to address? For the big ones, you need professional help. But for smaller ones, like Facebook, Frappuccinos, Family Guy or Football, you can make efforts on your own to stop or cut back. Do it now.

Are any of these on your personal life “to do” list? Here’s your nudge. Do it now.

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