The Ever-Present Smartphone

Some thoughts and opinions:

  1. When you’re in a meeting and you sneak a quick peek at your screen, in your lap, under the table, everyone knows what you’re doing.
  2. Be careful where you place that pricey device on the table at a restaurant. If a server spills hot soup on your iPhone 5, he’ll be sorry but you’ll be even sorrier.
  3. Don’t check your screen when you’re stopped at a red light. Definitely don’t do it at a stop sign or a yield.
  4. I know a guy (who may be reading this if he clicked on the Facebook link) who lost out on a great gig a few years ago because he took a call on his cellphone during his job interview.
  5. Don’t text, tweet or post extensively at major league sporting events. A quick pic to show off your view of the field is okay but if you are at the venue, watch the game.
  6. When you’re visiting with a friend at lunch, don’t check your device every time the email signal sounds. (Early Blackberry users were terrible offenders.)
  7. Be careful reading tweets, posts, etc. while walking. You might bump into someone. Or a fireplug. It happens.
  8. You know to silence your ringer at movies, but be careful about illuminating your screen to check that text message. It’s obnoxious.
  9. My late brother-in-law’s ex-wife’s son-in-law had a “Ring of Fire” ringtone. The first time I heard it, I thought, “Cool!” By the 7th time, not so cool.
  10. It took me a while to feel comfortable taking pictures of food in a restaurant with my phone, even though I use those photos in my work. Go ahead and snap away, but note that a flash disturbs others greatly.
  11. If your phone rings loudly in an inappropriate situation, answer it and silence it quickly. Don’t play dumb. When your “ooga horn” ringtone sounds off in the middle of a meeting, a conference, or a funeral, don’t look around and pretend it wasn’t your phone. (I’ve seen many people do that.)
  12. Using your phone in the bathroom is a bad idea for so many reasons that I won’t even list any of them.
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