Embracing Change

Change can be good or bad. But it is inevitable. That’s the nature of life. Whether change is good or bad is often determined by attitude.

As we age, we become more resistant to change. Then, when we do finally make certain changes we’ve resisted, we frequently find that the new way is much better than the old way. Part of that is general fear of the unknown and part is comfort with what we know.

Changing jobs, homes, cars, computers or cell phones can be exciting, but can also engender trepidation. New things may involve risk: Will I be as successful in the new gig as I was in the one I’m leaving? Will my new neighbors be as nice as my old ones? Will I be able to adapt to Mac OS after using Windows for years? Will my new cell phone with all its upgrades be as functional for calls as my old one?

While such concerns may be greater for older people, young people are not immune to these fears. Ask anybody who’s changed high schools—especially in the middle of a school year.

Whether change is voluntary or thrust upon you, if you embrace change and consider the rewards as well as the challenges, you improve the chances that change will be a positive experience.

A change in personal habits is one of the more difficult to accomplish. But when you focus on the rewards of, for instance, quitting smoking, it helps you face the challenge. Changing your diet works better when you think about long-term health and fitting into your old jeans again, instead of thinking about the pizza and beer you’re passing up.

One more thought: Consider all the changes that have occurred in your life—good and bad—over the past decade or so. Been a few, right? Well, stay tuned because there are more changes on the way! Embrace change. And, when possible, work hard to make your changes positive experiences.


2 thoughts on “Embracing Change

  1. Sean J says:

    Words we can all stand to hear from time to time, David, well said and thanks for sharing. I’ve gone through some pretty major changes on the homefront lately, good ones, and finally getting settled again.

  2. […] very good ones, though with every kind of change we must make adjustments. Fellow St. Louisian David Craig blogged this morning about Change and I felt like putting down some thoughts of my own. Thanks, David, for inspiring me today, I […]

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