Seven Email Marketing Tips

  1. Is your email being opened on a mobile device? Yes! You bet it is! When your email is composed and ready to be tested, check it out on your primary email client. Then see how it looks on various browsers via your Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo accounts. Then, see how it looks on your mobile phone and your tablet. Your copy or a photo that looks good on your 17-inch monitor may look horrible on your phone.
  2. If you’re going to include 5 or more items in your marketing email, make them very short. OR include the item’s first two sentences but provide a link to a longer version of the item on your website or blog.
  3. Use your subject line to convey your message. If your message is that your furniture store has new leather ottomans, your subject line should read: “New Leather Ottomans,” NOT “October Newsletter” or “Latest News from Leather Town.”
  4. Don’t use the “Comic Sans” font. Ever. Yes, it looks friendly and casual. And it’s legible. But it just doesn’t look very business-like. Ditch it.
  5. Use bullet points and bold face print. Many of us are email skimmers (see 9/13/12 post “Is Too Much Enough?” ) who may not take 90 seconds to read all your copy. But we will note those two sentences in bold face.
  6. Even though the people on your email list are partisans who, presumably, know and like your organization, be careful with complex ideas and jargon. Send a test copy to people who are not familiar with the organization and ask them to confirm your email’s clarity.
  7. Don’t forget the call to action. Don’t just tell them you have some new ottomans, invite them to come in, try them out and buy one!


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One thought on “Seven Email Marketing Tips

  1. Therefore, you should be very careful with your syntax. If you proofread faithfully, this shouldn’t be a tough problem to do away with.

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