Want Media Coverage? Try These Ideas!

2012 has been a good year for my clients. They have been on TV and radio, in newspapers and magazines and all over the web. Based on those results and how the media coverage was achieved, here are some suggestions that you may find useful.

  1. Respond to prior media coverage. When an article or broadcast report omits an important angle and your client can provide information that relates to that angle, contact the reporter/editor and offer input. My doing so resulted in a client recently getting the front page lead story plus a photo in the Sunday newspaper.
  2. Stay in touch with media contacts. My call to a longtime media friend who moved into a new role resulted in TV appearances for two clients. I called this person to offer my good wishes and mentioned I had clients who could provide entertaining content. The media friend referred me to a producer who eagerly booked my clients.
  3. Look for events and milestones. A few weeks before a recent major anniversary, I suggested a client stage a promotion connected to the milestone. Information shared with media about the promotion resulted in three live TV segments and significant online coverage.
  4. Provide content ready to be edited and published. At my suggestion, a client chronicled a trip made in 2011. The client’s text and photos became a magazine cover story earlier this year.
  5. Assemble an awards nomination package. A client won a major local business award this past spring, as the result of the nomination package I prepared. Upon announcement of the award, the client received strong online coverage and a good amount of ink in local business and community newspapers.
  6. Pay attention to social media. I saw a Facebook post in January from a radio reporter looking for “extraordinary people” to interview. I put the reporter in touch with an employee of one of my clients. The reporter’s interview with this extraordinary person resulted in morning drive time reports and good online coverage.
  7. Keep your ears open. Last week, an employee of one of my clients mentioned in passing an activity that his family participates in each week. Shortly thereafter, it occurred to me that a story about the employee and that family activity would be perfect for a certain media outlet. That pitch will go out later this week. Wish me luck!

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