Always Leave Them Wanting More

It’s a timeless showbiz axiom and it applies to what you and I do everyday. Can most of the messages you communicate be edited without affecting their overall meaning? Yes.

Whether your message is a question or answer left on voice mail, a media release, a Youtube video, a marketing email or a blog post, it can almost always be trimmed. Even a text message reply of “ok” can be shortened to “k.”

It’s not always easy to gauge the proper length of any communicated message, but a shorter message has a greater likelihood of being heard, read or watched. It may also be more likely to be understood, because you focus on the heart of the message, rather than side issues.

Will these shorter missives leave questions unanswered? Yes. That’s why you provide links to more detailed information. That’s why you may wish to post a 10-minute video to provide deeper insight than your 90-second video offers. That’s why you continue your thoughts in your next blog post.

When you “leave them wanting more,” make sure you make it possible for “them” to obtain “more.” The “more” may be the info you share on your website (via links in your release or email) or answers you provide in a phone call.

An article on writing in the 3/10/12 Wall Street Journal suggests that writers self-edit and offers the idea that “cutting words is always beneficial and often necessary.” Think about that when you are writing today.

As Reader’s Digest proved for decades, you can deliver economically written content without destroying the essence of the message.

Want “more?” Read my January 25, 2012 post “10 Ways To Communicate Better In Your Writing.”

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