I’m As Mad As Hell And I’m Not Going To Take This Anymore!

Not really. But here are some things I see on the net and in other media that can be done better.

I would be happier, and the world would be a better place, if the following items could be fixed. Immediately.

  1. Organizations that unleash 5 to 10 (or more) Twitter posts at the same time. The culprits are often news outlets. Such activity indicates to me that you do your Twitter “duty” a few times a day and haven’t really given Twitter that much thought. It would be better, for many reasons, to spread those tweets out over a period of time.
  2. Organizations or individuals who post press releases as blog content. When I go to your site and click on your blog link, I want to encounter new ideas, philosophies, information and stories that were written for that particular page. Not something that was simply copied and pasted, even if it is your own stuff.
  3. Websites other than Youtube (and other video sites) that play video or audio immediately upon loading. I may want to watch your video eventually, but I might want to read the copy on your site first. If I am listening to online audio while web surfing, I would prefer that your video/audio player let me decide if and when to enjoy your content.
  4. People who overdo it with political content on social media. A little bit is okay, but, even if you are an elected office holder, post something other than left/right rants every now and then.
  5. Speaking of web video, there should be a law that your online video ad cannot run longer than your online video content that I have come for.
  6. Slideshows that don’t load quickly. I understand the reason for slideshows with each image on a separate page, but many take forever to load. Sometimes I only see 3 or 4 of the 20 All Time Ugliest Dogs or whatever, before I bail.
  7. Tweets that link to paid or password protected web content. Even if it’s free, I generally don’t care to register to read just one article.
  8. How about a traditional media complaint or three? Magazines who put a compelling headline on the cover that makes you flip through the pages to find an item that runs a mere three or four paragraphs.
  9. Radio stations and TV channels that repeat a spot or promo within the same spot break.
  10. “Spadea” wraps in newspapers. They are an annoyance to me as a reader and, I think, a bad deal for advertisers because I toss them out immediately.

To the powers that be, thanks for your prompt attention to these matters!

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