Blog Content Ideas (Not Exactly a List)

We can all use some inspiration from time to time—some of us more than others. Is it blog post time again? What will you write about today? Have you said everything you think you can say about your company’s products/services, your areas of expertise or your personal beliefs about business? What will you do?

Don’t steal. Don’t even borrow. That is illegal and unethical. But—it’s not unethical to use somebody’s idea as the seed for your entirely original response to that idea. Give the original idea generator credit, then, build on that idea. Praise the idea to high heaven. Disagree completely with the idea. Apply the idea in a different context.

Lists have worked for David Letterman for over 20 years. They have also been “highly effective” for Dr. Stephen Covey. They are a popular blog form. (Scroll down two posts from this one for a David Craig list.) How about: “6 Things You Should Never Post on Twitter”? “5 of My Favorite WordPress Tricks”? “7 Lies Your Sales Manager Tells Every Day”? “10 Ways (Our Business Category) Is Like Football”? “8 Tips to Improve Email Communication”? Feel free to borrow any of these list title ideas if you like, but I’d guess you could come up with better ones.

Was there a moment in your education that has significantly influenced your professional life? Have you worked for a boss who had special motivational skills? Do you have a “happy customer/client” story to relate? Did you have a project that was well-planned, well-executed, but somehow failed to achieve a desired result? OR Did you have a project that contained numerous missteps but turned out successful in the end? Did something a parent told you when you were a child turn out to be accurate…or dead wrong? Share these personal experiences and what you learned from them.

When all else fails, start drinking. (I’m kidding!) When all else fails, talk to a colleague, friend, spouse, parent, son, daughter, barista, mail carrier, etc. Listen for that particular comment that can spark a big idea (or a list of ideas). Then run to a keyboard and start writing.

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