Events, Awards, Achievements=News

One of my PR clients was called last week and told that he is the winner of a significant award. This makes me happy because I prepared the nomination package that touted his virtues. It was a work-intensive effort, involving much writing and rewriting, as well as gathering and sorting of photos, data and endorsements.

When the award is officially announced, it will be news. It will be worthy of mentions in neighborhood and metro newspapers, as well as Chamber newsletters, the municipal newsletter, the community website and other venues. He will, of course, share the news via marketing emails to his database. What are you doing to tell the world about your organization’s events, awards and achievements?

Are you having an event that provides benefits to the community such as a food drive, a trivia night, an informational seminar (not a sales event) or a free health screening? Did your business or non-profit receive an award of any kind (including recognition from your national headquarters)? Did you move to a new facility, add a major player to your leadership, hit a sales or fundraising milestone, add an important product line or launch a new or redesigned website? Tell the world.

You may think that your event, award or achievement is small potatoes. You may think that your news is significant to you and your staff, but not such a big deal to anyone else. Put it out there. Tell the story to your local media. Pass the info along to your customers, clients and other business associates. Let your neighborhood paper and other media outlets determine if your story is worth printing.

Anything you can do to add a halo effect to your organization is worth doing. Will an award—such as the one my client just won—increase sales? That’s hard to measure. But by letting everyone know that a major organization thought he was the best in his category, he is casting himself in a positive light. Future dealings with banks, government agencies and trade groups (as well as with customers and vendors) may be influenced by this special status.

On behalf of my media friends, I will mention that they are hungry for content. Send them news about your accomplishments and contributions. If they don’t run your item this time, they are likely to be more familiar with you the next time you reach out to them.

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