2012 Mantra: GIT-R-DONE! (Just Do It.)

Just Do It. The venerable Nike slogan says a lot in three little words. The Nike message: Get out and participate and, by the way, buy some of our shoes and gear to help you Do It.

Here’s your mantra for 2012: “Just Do It.” Or, as Larry the Cable Guy puts it, “GIT-R-DONE.” Basically, be proactive. Don’t be reckless. Exercise restraint when necessary. But don’t be shy about making things happen.

Think about all the times in life when you thought about doing something but chose not to do it, or maybe to wait and see. Maybe you were timid in romantic pursuits. Maybe you didn’t feel you had a decent chance to get a certain job. Maybe you didn’t follow up with a prospect, because you presumed he/she would not do business with you.

In 2012, make that call. Apply for that job. In most cases, the worst that can happen is the other person can say no. You may face a turndown 50 times, but number 51 may say yes.

In PR & Marketing, not every pitch will connect. Not every blog post will resonate with readers. Not every radio/TV/newspaper ad will make the phone ring. Not every media placement will generate significant ROI. But you (and I) must keep pushing.

Need motivation (other than a desire to obtain happiness and be able to pay your bills)? Buy a motivational book. Sure, some are full of clichés, but there’s one that’s right for you and your particular needs. Download some motivational songs—music can move you in many ways. (I am humming the “Rocky” theme as I write this and, yes, getting fired up!)

I wish you a worthwhile year in 2012. There is much to be accomplished. Let’s GIT-R-DONE!

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