2011—A Good Year!

As you reach the end of another year and judge your business successes or shortcomings, look beyond the dollar signs for positives.

Maybe you did or maybe you did not achieve your financial goals, but consider good things that occurred during 2011.  Here are a few you may have enjoyed during 2011 that made you a better businessperson.

  1. New ideas discovered in 2011. Technologies, concepts, methods. These may have come from books, blogs or conversations.
  2. New people who appeared on your radar. New customers, new prospects, new colleagues, new friends.
  3. New skills you developed in 2011. Did you master an updated version of necessary business software or learn a completely new discipline, such as video editing?
  4. New presence online. Did you add a new website or tweak an existing website? Did you start a blog or contribute to a blog? Did you focus more carefully on your social media activities vis-à-vis your business?
  5. New experiences. Did you try a webinar for the first time? Take a graduate course at a college? Teach a course at a college? Join a networking group or professional organization? Compose and distribute your first marketing email?
  6. New sources of information. Did you subscribe to the Wall Street Journal or your local Business Journal? Did you find new websites with useful business guidance? Did you sample the services that provide contact information for your business category?

For me, 2011 offered numerous opportunities to broaden my horizons. I approach 2012 with eager anticipation of more good things happening.

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! (Next post on January 5, 2012.)


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