You and I Are Always “On Call”

Do your clients have 24/7 access to you? Have you told them they can text or call you anytime? What if a business contact finally decides to reach out to you—at 10:00 on a Sunday evening? Would you be ready and willing to answer that call, would you let it go to voicemail or would you take the call and ask for a callback on Monday?

With today’s mobile devices in our pockets or nearby during every waking minute, you are technically available at all times. If a prospect makes a decision late at night or on a weekend, would you prefer he call or text you immediately or would you prefer he wait until “office hours?”

I suggest you invite your clients to contact you at their convenience, any day and any time. Most will not call at odd hours, but your invitation will send a message to them that you are willing to provide the utmost in service. If there is an issue that does demand immediate attention, your availability and response early in the morning, late at night or on a weekend, will demonstrate your commitment to their needs—and may solve a problem that is time-sensitive.

Remember message slips from “back in the day?” The ones with “while you were out” across the top? If you were out of the workplace, you were unreachable (unless someone had your home number). Then, along came cell phones, cell phones with email and text messaging and  iPhones, smart phones and tablets to connect on social networks.

Now we are always connected, everywhere. Let your contacts know that they can call you anytime. Be ready to take care of business whenever the opportunity arises.

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