“It’s Not About the Money”

Albert Pujols has said of his new deal with the Angels, “it’s not about the money.” He and his wife said they felt a stronger personal connection with the Angels’ owner. “It was about the way he made me feel,” said Pujols.

In St. Louis, fans and media have trashed Pujols as a disloyal phony and a liar for saying, “it’s not about the money.” Pujols’ comments may be disingenuous. But, in reality, sometimes it is not about the money.

Have you ever made a decision that benefited you financially, but was not based on the money factors involved? I’d bet that you have.

I had a longtime relationship with an eye care practice. I had gone to them for exams, glasses and contact lenses for several years. In 2009, I called them to purchase contact lenses. After waiting to talk to a real person, I was told that I could not order contacts in the quantity I wanted. I called 1-800-Contacts. My call was answered immediately. They took my order and delivered the contacts by mail in a couple of days. (The eye care practice would not mail my contacts, but had always made me come to their office to pick them up.)

For years I enjoyed the experience of shopping at Borders bookstores. I would spend hours seeking out books and CDs that I might’ve found at lower prices elsewhere. But I would buy them at Borders. A few years ago, though, I often found that my Borders store did not have a specific book or CD I was looking for. The clerks would offer to order the items for me. I did that a couple of times, but shortly thereafter, I took almost all my book and CD purchases to Amazon.

In both cases, I benefited financially. My contacts cost less and my books and CDs cost less. Both decisions, however, were not based on cost, but on service and accommodation.

In each example presented here, it truly was not about the money. It was about the way they made me feel.

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