Six Ways to Grow Your Business in 2012

As you make your last push to do make sales, get projects accomplished and wrap up work before taking some down time for Christmas and New Year’s, start thinking about 2012.

How will you grow your business in 2012? Do you have new goals for the New Year? Are there things you can do today that can lead to business growth in 2012? You bet there are!

  1. Talk to current clients. Ask if you can provide more products and services to them during 2012.
  2. Ask current clients for a referral or two—someone they know who might be interested in what you offer. These may be “cool” leads, but they will be better than random cold calls.
  3. Start making a prioritized list of prospects—people and businesses that you would like to add to your client list. These may be people you reached out to months or years ago who are due to be revisited. Or they may be people you have recently become aware of—people you want to check out to see if they could be potential clients.
  4. Evaluate results of your marketing over the last couple of years. Which efforts have been worthwhile? Which efforts have been less successful? Are there communication channels your competitors use that you might want to investigate?
  5. Consider new ways to reach out directly to potential clients. Is it a good time to join a formal networking organization or a Chamber of Commerce?
  6. Focus on your attitude. During the holidays, you will talk to friends and relatives who will dwell on negative issues. If you enter January with a downbeat outlook, it may affect your energy level and your performance. Maintain your optimism. Think about all the positive things that you hope to make happen in 2012. As the saying goes, “hope is not a strategy,” but having some hope is better than having none. Happy New Year!
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