Holiday Time—A Time to Reach Out

Christmas is just a few days away. How will you use this opportunity to connect with clients, prospects and other business contacts?

The simplest way is with holiday cards. You can go fancy: take a cool photo, write your own copy and have them printed. You can go to the card shop and buy them off the rack. Remember that it is better to sign the cards yourself, even if you have your company name printed on them. If you have time, address them by hand as well.

Holiday gifts for clients and key contacts can score important good will points. Whether you give the same gift to all or pick out individual presents, take the time to deliver as many as you can in person. Your taking time to hand over your gift face-to-face can make up for any shortcoming in the gift itself. Avoid sending or bringing a standard gift that is likely to be given by other businesses. Employ creativity in your gift choices but don’t get too weird.

Inviting select clients and contacts to a social hour may be a good option for your business. Opening your workplace or your home to these people is a warm way to share the spirit of the season and allows you to control your costs for food and drinks. If your list of invitees is long, a restaurant or bar might be a better choice for you and your guests. Be sure to arrange such events as early as possible.

Will card sending, gift-giving or party-hosting bust your budget? If you set limits, no. Do only what you can afford.

The Christmas season offers special ways to say thank you to those you appreciate and to say hello to those you want to work with. If you have not begun your efforts to reach out, get started immediately. You will make your clients, prospects and contacts happy and may soon find yourself filled with holiday joy. Merry Christmas!




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