Embrace Change, Try Something Different

We, as humans, get comfortable with the familiar. Many of us resist the urge or suggestion to do anything differently. This does not just apply to older people.

Do you order the same thing every day at your favorite coffee shop? Do you have that same favorite pair of jeans you wear every weekend? Do you take the same route to work every day?

Why not try something just a bit off course this week? Pick up a six-pack of a soda or a beer you’ve never tasted. Stop in a bar or restaurant you’ve never visited before. Grab something from the back of your closet that you haven’t worn in months or years. Visit a political website whose viewpoints are completely opposite of yours. Watch a whole episode of one of those cable reality shows that you usually flip right by when going through the channels.

I am not suggesting something radical, like serving fajitas instead of turkey on Thanksgiving. But a slight variation from the norm can open your eyes to new options.

I drank coffee black for decades until a White Castle drive-thru clerk put cream in my go-cup one day. I have used cream ever since. Not a big change, but one I would never have initiated on my own.

Different is not always better, but sometimes it is. Sometimes different is just different. Change for the mere sake of change can open your mind and perk up your overall awareness of the world. Shake it up!




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