My Online Content Hero

During my radio career there have been many on-air personalities who inspired me.  Their styles, their attitudes, their wit, their “something different” set the bar high.  Yes, I copied some of them.  All of them showed me in their content and delivery that it is possible to cut through and stand out from the crowd.

Now that I have jumped into the world of content generation for the web, I have found one particular online personality who inspires me more than others.

He is Seth Godin.  His blog posts are excellent for many reasons.

  • Seth Godin covers a wide range of topics, most of which relate in some way to what I have going on in my professional life.
  • His posts are generally quick and to the point.  He says what he has to say, then moves on.  He does not belabor issues.  Sometimes a post is so brief you can read it in thirty seconds.
  • I sometimes agree with his comments.  Sometimes I do not agree, but I appreciate his sharing up his thoughts.
  • Seth Godin posts something new every day.
  • He promotes himself and his books, appearances, etc. but does not shamelessly flog his products and services.

Like the best radio personalities, his content is relatable, succinct, interesting and fresh daily.

You may already be familiar with him.  If not, go to his blog and see what I’m talking about:


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